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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  May 28, 2018 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> good evening, everybody. we are so pleased to have you here. it's a very important season in san francisco. i'm daniellea kirschenbaum, and before i forget, i'd like to remind everybody to turnoff cell phones. thank you. san francisco good neighborhood, just briefly, we are a good planning and good neighborhood government group, and since 2003, we have been meeting very quietly with politicians, policy makers and planning professionals. we represent the neighborhood, and we try to build relationships, and so we really appreciate your taking part,
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and we want to thank, first and foremost, our candidates, and then, we would like to thank all of the good people of the southeast community facility. and i would like to especially thank shakira simley, executive director. shakira, could you come on up. all right. thank you. [applause]. >> good evening, everyone. good evening, everyone. that's more like it. that's how we do it in the bayview. my name is shakira simley. i am the executive director at the southeast center, and in addition to the san francisco utilities commission, we'd like to welcome you all to this space. how many of you here, this is your first time here? okay.
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how many of you are veterans of this space, raise your hands. fantastic. we are so excited to see this amount of civic engagement here in this space, and the league of san francisco -- excuse me, league of women voters of san francisco and san francisco neighborhood decided to use this space to bring these fantastic candidates. all of you are amazing public servants, and we are really glad to make sure this will be a nonpartisan and fair place. so please be sure to ask me if you have any questions. bathrooms are outside. we have amazing organic clementines from the san francisco organic market, and some hetch hetchy water, so thank you all so much for being here, and we hope to see you again soon. take care.
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[applause]. >> good evening and welcome, everybody. my name is leah edwards, and i'm the director of the league of women voters in san francisco san francisco. we are dedicated to promoting active and informed decision and participation in government. the league makes her that all voters have access to unbiased nonpartisan information on elections. we put on free forums such as this one, we produce a local conand proguide on local positions, and explain candidates position as well as discussion on local ballot measures. we do take a stance on issues. you can learn more on our website,
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>> the department of election is has been bringing the city and county of san francisco free, fair and functional elections since 1878. i have not worked there the whole time. it is your city, as we've been saying on bus ads and newspaper ads and every where else, but for the last two months, it is your city and your choice, and we appreciate you choosing to be a voter on june 5th. i brought enough fliers for everybody here. if you didn't catch one on the way in, they're back on the table. it has all the addresses, dates, url's, phone numbers, all that kind of stuff you need to know in order to carry out the function part of the
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election. also, if you open it up, there's a surprise inside. this is everything we're voting on in this election on june 5th. oh, how we love to vote. it will be a four-card ballot throughout the city, so four big cards. make sure when you get it that you turn it over and -- 'cause they're printed on both sides. something people forget to do. and if you vote by mail, the ballots are going out the first week in may. you've probably have already received your state voter guide. they send one to every household, so you might want to get to know your roommates, and share it. in this flier, we have both the state and the local url for reading, voter guide, voter pamphlet on-line, which is a
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way that -- [ inaudible ] >> -- which is another way you can get information. all of our voters guides and our on-line voter guide are in english, spanish, chinese and filipino, and all of that information is here. i'm going to ask a couple of other frequently asked questions. if you're all decided, the voting center at city hall opens on may 7th, so come on down. we are open the last two weekends before the election, a wonderful place to bring your children and they can see you vote in our beautiful city hall. if you need to register to vote, update your registration, decide to vote by mail, anything you need to know, i'll be in the back throughout tonight's debate. and finally before i do the one minute on how rank choice voting works, police, we are in desperate need of poll workers for this election.
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we employ workers at our 583 polling places in san francisco. yes. you can amaze your friends at all the upcoming parties with we have 583 polling places in san francisco. altogether, we need about 3,000 workers. we're about 1200 short. if you're interested or you know someone who wants to do their civic duty and earn a stipend for the day, you can me, or even better, come on down to city hall on monday through friday, and come on down to our office. we have a recruitment office next to the department of elections. you can apply, get tested, get your training class and get your assignment all in about 30 minutes. so please come on down and help us out in this election.
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so in about 40 days, we're going to be choosing one of these fine people or the other candidates for mayor. since 2004, we've been choosing our candidates for local offices using ranked choice voting. in a nutshell, all the candidates names will be listed in three columns on the ballot. in column one, mark your first choice. in column two, mark your second choice. make sure that it's a different candidate. in the third column, mark your third choice. make sure that is a different candidate than your first choice or your second choice. all first choice votes are counted, and that will hold exactly -- if no candidate gets 50% plus one vote, then ranked choice voting kicks in.
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and the last place vote getter is eliminated, and the second choice for those voters is redistributed, and that goes on as elimination from the bottom and redistribution until a candidate has 50% plus one vote. remember, that vote could be yours. we have lots more information, both from the department of elections and from the organization fair vote back on the table that explains a little bit more detail on this, and the department also has a ua video on ranked choice voting at our website, which is again, thanks for being a voter, and enjoy the evening. [applause]. >> thank you so much, jill, for that helpful overview. we want to thank sfgovtv and
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the asian american journalists organization who are taping the forum tonight. we also want to thank the asian american journalists, the national coalition of 100 blam women san francisco, san francisco beautiful, san francisco council of district merchants association, san francisco heritage, mechanic institute, and the vanness quarter neighborhood coalition. we would also like to thank the san francisco wholesale produce market, which has generously donated fresh fruit, so if anyone would like a snack, please take some. i am pleased to introduce tonight's moderator, bob butler. he's an independent journalist on the award winning chauncey
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project. welcome [applause]. >> good evening. so we have seven candidates running for mayor tonight. london breed is not here because of a scheduling conflict. the candidates will have a chance to present their views on issues affecting the city and to answer your questions about those issues. to submit questions for the candidates, look for a volunteer who is handing out index cards who will collect all the questions by 7:15. where are the index cardholders, raise your hand so we can find you. i wish to remind you of the rule does. no campaign fliers, buttons or meeting materials may be distributed inside the meeting room. candidates are to be respectful of audience members and other candidates during the forum.
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candidates are asked to make no personal attacks on other individuals. here are the procedures. the candidates will have opening and closing statements that are one minute each. each candidate will have one minute to answer questions submitted by the audience as well as questions that are submitted in advance. we will have questions answered by three candidates in alphabetical order. each closing statements will be in two minutes. timekeepers are in the first row. they will hold up yellow cards to signify you have 15 seconds remaining, and a red card when it is time to stop, and i will tell you it is time to stop. we ask that the audience be respectful of the candidates and to maintain quiet during the forum. i ask that you respect that commitment. every aspect of the forum will be equally fair to all candidates, and each of these candidates selected signatures to get on the ballot, and that's why they are the only oned allowed to participate in
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the forum. today's forum will give you an opportunity to be heard. let's begin. thank you, angela alioto, michelle bravo, richy greenberg, jane kim, mark leno, amy far avenue weiss, and michelle bravo for attending the forum tonight. let's start with angela alioto. >> thank you, everybody. first thank you to everybody for coming out tonight. first, let's just say how amazing it's been the last two or three months. this is a crucial you electiel crucial election. san francisco's never had so many poor people on their streets. san francisco's never had such dirty streets. san francisco's never had such crime like it is having right now, and the affordability of
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housing is almost impossible to live in san francisco. i'm a third generation -- i was going to say italian. i'm a third generation -- much more than three generations italian, but i'm a third generation san franciscan born and raised. i'm a civil rights attorney, and i fight in the courtrooms, both state and federal courtrooms because of who they are, because of how they are, because of who they are or where they live, because of their disability. i want to fight for all of you as mayor of san francisco in a critical time of our city's history. >> time. >> sorry. so the lady -- i am sorry. i didn't see you. thank you. >> okay. michelle bravo. >> good evening, district six. michelle bravo, and i live here with the rest of you, and i'm
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very, very grateful to be here tonight, and i really want to thank all of you for coming out. right now, the greatest challenge that i see right now is providing residents with affordable housing; livable, safe communities as well. the lack of transparency and the rush to build, housing that's being perpetrated by city hall doesn't work -- at least it doesn't work for me. so i see lots going on in our neighborhoods, and i know that i've got heart, i've got a lot in my head, and i need your help to tell me exactly what you need most. so i look forward to hearing your questions, and i, again, thank you so much for coming out. yea for district ten? >> mr. greenberg. >> hi. good evening. my name is richy greenberg. i'm running for san francisco mayor, and it's a pleasure to be here. thank you for inviting me and thank you for the organizers. i live in the richmond
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district. i'm here in san francisco now for approximately 17 years. i'm a start-up consultant, business advisor, and originally i'm from queens new york which is one of the most diverse communities in the united states. back there in queens, we had every possible nationality, religion, race, and that has been part of me for my entire life. as a business advisor, i help small mom and pop shops get their start. this is where i come from, this is what i want to do, along with help installing three core values in my candidacy, which is one, accountability in city hall, to uplift the quality of life, and time is up. you're going to have to wait until the next time i get to speak. i respect that. thank you. >> thank you very much.
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jane kim. >> good evening. it is really a pleasure to be here today, and i just want to thank the league of women voters and everyone ftonight. thank you so much for coming. i had the great pleasure of serving the public first on the board of education and then on the board of supervisors, previous to that i was a community organizer for six years and that's how i came to know the southeast community facilities and served as an attorney for civil rights. over the last decade, i've been proud to work on a number of issues with you, one, making san francisco the only city in the nation making community college freetor a for all resi. i've been proud to work on the raise to 15 to raise the
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minimum wage for workers to $15 an hour. and finally, i have been proud to work with you on eviction protection controls, vision zero and other things thattic ma our city a safe, healthy, and balanced place to live. thank you very much. >> thank you. mark leno. >> good evening, everyone. i also want to thank the neighborhood network, the league of women voters and the community facility for bringing us altogether tonight. i'm a 40 year small business owner here in san francisco san francisco, having also served on the county board of supervisors six years, representing you in the state assembly and eight years in the state senate. we raised the statewide minimum wage to $15 an hour, as well as having authored san francisco's affordable housing ordinance, inclusionary housing ordinance. i'm run pg for mayor because i believe it's time for a new
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direction at city hall. our crises of homelessness, housing affordability, and the crime rate in the streets, the mess in the streets, the challenges to our small businesses and the character of our neighborhoods are greatly at risk. it's time for change, and i thank you for affording us the opportunity and inviting all of these candidates tonight, we don't often to get to be together tonight, and i'm so sorry supervisor breed couldn't join us. thank you. >> thank you. amy farah weiss. >> hello. i'm amy farah weiss. the time for change was actually in 2011. are you with me? there was a global financial collapse. i started to push back against profit driven displacement. the planning department actually broke the law for chase bank to displace three local businesses in my neighborhood. i had just graduated with a master's agree from sf state in organizational development, and i decided instead of just having ato --
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righteous no to that, we need to have a sustainable policy of development, and i've been working on that. whoever is mayor must show a significant reduction of the number of people living on our streets. i have a plan for that. whoever becomes mayor must make environmental justice for day view and hunters point and treasure island. the time is long past due for that. we must address economic gaps in opportunities for our education system, and i've a platform that's ahead of my time but that's all very much able to be implemented. thank you. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. finally, ellen zhou. >> my name is ellen zhou. i used to live in this neighborhood at crisis intervention. i also worked in family project a couple blocks from here. i have been in san francisco for the last 32 years.
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i was nominated by the san francisco coalition of good neighborhoods from all 11 districts. i am here to standup for you. i have no reason to be a mayor, but i standup for you. there's so many corruptive behaviors at city hall. if you don't standup right now today from here on this year, you will be -- continue to be fooled by the people at city hall. i am a city and county government employee. i work for public health. i am a behavioral health clinician. i train people how to behave, and i know the corruptive behavior in and out. i am a union bargaining chip with the mayor and board of supervisors. that's how i for if many of the corruptive behaviors does not stop, then you are in trouble. thank you. >> thank you very much [applause]. >> we have a gentleman who is also running for mayor as a write in candidate.
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antoine perry, you have two minutes. >> thank you. i'm a write-in candidate for mayor, as he just explained. i'm just trying to get in to an event to debate with these candidates, and i just want my due process. i just want to help the community, not just the community, the city of san francisco. i believe i'm a good mayor -- i could be a good mayor for the city. i'm up under a lot of pressure the way they treat me around here. they won't be fair and let me explain what i have to explain up on the podium with the rest of the candidates, and i just really think that's not fair to me or san francisco. and i don't want to cause no trouble, i want to help people. that's all i want to do. my uncle, adam rogers, was mayor alioto's right hand man, and all he did was help the community when he was here. he got jobs for the community, he was respected in the
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community, and i just want a chance to help people. that's all i want to do. and i really would like to be up there, but i can't get up there, but i don't want to miss the next debate because, you know people were missing me for whatever reason. i just want to help people. that's all i want to do. thank you for listening. [applause]. >> we're going to go to our questions now, and the way this is going to rk would, we have basically -- we're -- work, basically, we're going to work in threes. each candidate is going to be asked a question, and you have three minutes to respond. in light of the fact that we're here in the bayview, hunters point is right down the road. in light of all the disclosure of soil samples from hunters
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point shipyard, do you support industrial developmesupport a moratorium at the shipyard. >> absolutely, i do. the toxins have been in the research year after year after year. i have a lawsuit out here against leonards. it's the same thing when it comes to the toxins. it's not acceptable, and they would never do it in another neighborhood in this city. it's always bayview-hunters point that gets the raw end of the stick, always. [applause]. >> miss bravo? >> so i need a little support here, so i'm going to use my notes. thanks for your patience. so san francisco leadership in city hall got us into this pickle we're in when they did not plan for the influx of
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wealthy tech workers who now need housing. everybody agrees we need more affordable housing, but we need more responsible development which hasn't always happened. we've got 300 families living on the hunters point shipyard development. let's not forget treasure island development. $5 billion is going to be poured into that development. we need to check both sites to make sure they are not toxic. a moratorium, absolutely. we need to protect citizens. those 300 dpfamilies that are that possibly toxic soil, we need to make sure they're safe and anyone else who goes into any of these new developments are safe. thanks so much. >> i agree, as well. i think that we should do as much research, as much accountability we need to make sure that any building, that we're not putting anyone in harm's way, that we have no health issues. i would agree with that, not
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only in hunters point, anywhere in the country, anywhere in the city, anywhere in the state, we cannot be building. regardless if there's a crisis where we don't have enough housing, there's no excuse for building on top of that. i would support a moratorium. >> thank you. the next question goes angela alioto, mark leno, and amy farah weiss. what about treasure island? all of the toxins that have been left behind by the navy, which bases do that all the time. what are we going to do about treasure island? >> so i represent the district that represents treasure island, and we are watching what's happening there very closely. tetra tech watches it very closely, but we do meet with the residents on a regular
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basis, ensuring the cleanup process is happening as it should be with full oversight by the navy. we -- none of the land gets conveyed from the federal government to san francisco until it is fully cleaned, and we are also working with the state california department of public health to ensure that there is an additional layer of oversight on the work that the federal government is doing on that land. when that land is conveyed to san francisco, it will be 100% toxin free before we build any housing on this site. >> thank you. mark leno? [applause]. >> whether we're talking about the shipyard or treasure island, we have to make sure always that safety and health takes top priority. that has not unfortunately been the case to date. and all you have to do is look at the health disparities right
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here in the bayview. a child born today is likely to live 14 fewer years than a child born in russian hill. this is the severity, this is the outcome, this is the ramification of moving forward without certainty that the land is clean and that hit has been mitigated. and unfortunately, the navy has let us down, but also those with whom they've contracted has let us down. and moving forward, we have to make the top priority safety and health. we have cancer clusters that we don't understand. we have exorbitant rates of asthma that we don't understand in certain parties of the city. that is environmental injustice. >> thank you. thank you. amy farah weiss. i went to cleollege at deanza community college. it was an interdisciplinary
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studies, and i just want to give a shout out to the california community college systems that actually framed my mind to think about these things and taught me about love canal. and what's happening at bayview-hunters point and treasure island is our love canal, which is a super fund site where they built a development upon a toxic waste dump for a corporation. so i want to build upon what jane kim and mark leno said was very astute in this way. but also, we need to hold nancy pelosi accountable, we need to hold kamala harris accountable, and we need to hold dianne feinstein accountable, they should be doing the work to make sure that navy and tetratech are accountable. they should be standing with the community and bayview-hunters point residents and taking action for clean


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